the wizard's hat falls to the floor
casts off his cape, derobed once more
he grabs his staff begins to run
his arse reflects the golden sun

a naked wizard running through the streets
his long white beard flowing like a sheet
the people stare as he screams i am the one
a naked wizard disappearing into the setting sun

smoke billows from the witch's lips
massive cone on which she rips
she sings a stoner siren song
and passes me her witchy bong

skinny little witch in black lipstick
with a pin her thumb she doth prick
and drops her blood onto the weed
its real good shit, no sticks no seeds.

i saw a goat from outta space
he had a mean look on his face
he showed me all his shiny blades
then threw one through an ace of spades

crazy alien goat dude with mad knife skills
shit i must be trippin' this weed really kills
clad in black leather and doing tricks with cards
dude looks like he works in a gay magic bar


from acidgoatweedwitchbongspacewizardwhore, released April 22, 2020


all rights reserved



Spider Kitten UK

Stupidly eclectic, ultra heavy, stoner / doom / sludge / psych / whatever band from South Wales, UK. Est. 2001

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